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Vermont is best known for its dairy farms and dairy cattle.  However, there have always been numerous beef farms tucked away in our forested hills and lowlands.  Today, approximately 500 farms with some 5,500 beef cattle are in Vermont.  Dairy farmers also raise beef on their farms, so the total number of animals raised for beef is more like 10,000.

Most of Vermont's beef operations are small family farms and, because of this, beef producers can provide us with a fresh and healthy beef that is raised under a variety of feed and management programs.


Discover for yourself what makes beef really sizzle at breakfast, lunch and dinner. From weeknight family meals and casual get-togethers to dressed-up entertaining and Sunday brunch - whatever the occasion, beef makes it special.

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You Gotta love a square meal rounded off by a delicious lean cut. So sizzle some veggies in stir-fry or slice them up for fajitas, and give them their rightful place next to a Round Tip.

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